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It’s just the beginning

From an early age, I’ve had a passion for many types of design but the software that captured my attention most was After Effects, due to its mind-blowing capabilities. When using it for the first time, it seemed intimidating however after learning, researching, and experimenting with it, motion graphics quickly became my favourite aspect of design. Each time I encounter motion graphics, I’m immediately captivated appreciating the tiny but impactful details. In my opinion, motion graphics is only going to become increasingly popular, as it’s great for storytelling while being super engaging. So, when I got the offer to become one of Ripple’s Graphic Designers I was very eager to commence working in the industry.

On beginning my adventure at Ripple, I was warmly welcomed by the team and grateful to have been given a platform to learn and develop as a designer. I soon came to realise the supportive nature of each team member which both put me at ease and created an even more exciting and collaborative work environment. Ripple has always encouraged me to ask questions and seek advice which has and continues to help me grow as a graphic designer. Receiving instant feedback and ideas from individuals with great experience in the industry has allowed me to view a wider range of perspectives and possibilities.

With this role, I have been given opportunities to work on many innovative and rewarding projects for companies across the UK and Ireland. My favourite has been working on the Chesterfield Football Club digital screen advertisement for Brett Martin. The graphics were broadcasted at halftime of the match – which was very cool as I’m a big football fan. Additionally, it was a motion graphics project where I had creative freedom within the boundaries of the brief – something every designer loves to hear!

I’m looking forward to many more exciting projects and adventures ahead at Ripple.